Six Simple Steps To Systems Success

Six Simple Steps To Systems Success


When I was working with a business coach to prep this business and launch it, they suggested I start writing about systems. You know, content marketing, build your authority. It’s not a bad idea, and I’ve certainly been blogging for eons. The problem is, I have a very simple approach to strategising anything, and it’s so simple that it can be hard to write more on the topic.


My theory stems from what I was told about writing in high school:

Who, What, When Where, Why, How.


Since high school English class, I’ve worked in all kinds of business, including on massive mining projects (on the side of social good in “compliance”, aka making them adhere to laws) and giant bureaucratic messes where it’s next to impossible to know what’s going on each day because the whims and processes change like covid spreading through the unvaccinated.


Also, please get vaccinated.


So why am I not a proponent of {insert big name strategy here}? Well, for the above reason. It’s the same basic steps with some industry jargon slapped on it and sold you for a hefty price for impersonal knowledge.


Can {insert big name strategy here} help you? Highly likely to be helpful if you’re an employee in a workplace that uses that prescribed system.


If you work for yourself, then it’s really about what system works for you. Which is where I come in. This is why you can work with me one-on-one to find what YOUR system is.¬†Or if this post and basic outline was helpful, go forth and create your own system!


Six Simple Steps To Systems Success

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