I am a systems strategist, offering a range of services aimed at neurodivergent and/or people with a chronic illness who run a business. Basically, if a textbook hates your business(s), then you’re the type of person I want to work with.

Helping your business do good in a way that suits you.

 I’m here to work with you to set up a strategy that both your needs and your business. I’m not here to get you set up on that one software program that *everyone* is using (this week, at least). I sell strategy, not software. 

Best way to stay in contact with me is through my newsletter. I’d encourage you to sign up (plus it means you can join the Chronic Business Club).

Solo or micro business?

I have a range of services aimed at your needs.

Small or medium business?

I can help you out with upskilling in disability procedures and awareness.