Get Started

Need to get a project started, but also don’t know where to start? You’re in the right place. This “done for you” service means you can stay focused on the big picture, while still getting an easy to implement plan, ready for action. 

How This Works:

Step 1: You tell me what the project is about. 

Step 2: I make an action plan so that you can do the work.

Step 3: Success, world domination, tears of joy, etc.

If you have an existing project management system of any kind that has suitable contractor access, I can work within that software to set up the plan. Or the project plan can be given to you in a format that you can use in any system. I’m here to work with your needs, not against them. 

What kind of project can this be used for?

Pretty much any. If there’s ever one that I don’t feel I can help you with, or I have an ethical problem with (I won’t help spread hate in the world) then I’ll always let you know before we get started.

Some ideas about projects that might suit this service:

  • Business rebrand
  • A new product or service
  • Internal systems review
  • Setting up email marketing
  • Course development

What this costs:

Get Started costs $AUD700. 

This service is targeted at solo or micro businesses. Small to medium businesses may cost more as size can sometimes influence complexity. 

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Curious what $AUD700 is?

About USD480, CAD645, EUR452, GPB400.

Exchange rates vary, so this is only a guide.