Policy to Process

Do you need help turning your accessibility policies from a forgotten document to something that has substantial meaning? That’s what we can work on together in Policy to Process.

How this works:

We can work through this in a way that suits you. If you have a suitable database or other system set up that allows for remote contractor access, we can work together in your preferred system. If not, that’s ok, we can use the good old MS Word document or similar to collaborate.


What will we do:

We will work collaboratively to turn your policy into processes. Aka ACTION. We can work on how to get your staff thinking about accessibility, how to prove that you are genuine about accessibility to clients, customers, and employees (past, present, and future).

For small to medium businesses (20-200 employees), the price starts at $AUD6000. Email me via vanessa@normalsystems.com with any questions, or to get started.