Weekend Day of Voxer

Weekdays too busy to fit something else in? Try a Weekend Day of Voxer. That’s a single Day of Voxer, but on a weekend day. 

  • Organise your business around your lunch shift.
  • Talk in the car between being the family taxi.
  • Brainstorm ideas while you’re out for a walk.

Day of Voxer is like a day long coaching session, without being tied to a video call. We can talk (leave voicemails) or type to each other all day, using an app called Voxer. 


Is this for a day or a weekend?

This is for a single day. The day just happens to be on a weekend. Either a Saturday or a Sunday.


When are you online for our day?

AEST 8am-6pm


What can we talk about?

I am a systems strategist, so the best use of our time together is to make your business(es) run as well as we can. However, I am a “go wide” person with a ton of interests and experiences, so we can also touch on anything else that I can help you with. That may include writing & publishing books, blog content, course development, social media tips, and anything else you want to ask me about.


Why a day?

There’s no pressure to reply fast. You can think through things, reply in your own time. You can go to the gym. Be the taxi for kids activities (please don’t Voxer and drive though!). Basically, there’s mulling time. It means you have the space to give the most accurate answer, not the fastest answer. It also let me give the most accurate answer, instead of the fastest one.


I’m in! How does this work?

Yay! I can’t wait to work together.

You can start the purchase process here.

  • When you’ve paid, you’ll be able to pick the weekend day that suits you from my calendar.
  • You can book up to 60 days in advance.
  • I require a days notice for a session, so it won’t let you book today, if you’re reading this on a weekend.
  • Because Weekend Day of Voxer is designed to work around your life, our “appointment” is a 15min time slot to get us kicked off. You don’t need to be online during that time slot, it’s just when I will get us started for the day. The 15min time slot is also so your calendar isn’t blocked out for a day – we’ll be chatting on and off for the duration of our time together.


I don’t like Voxer, can we chat a different way?

Absolutely. I know Voxer is something people either love or hate. I call the service “Day of Voxer” as it’s commonly known as that in internet business circles.

I also don’t want to dictate what communication method you are comfortable and/or able to use. I’m happy to use email, Voxer, Slack… whatever channel that you will use and that you check often throughout the day. You’re welcome to let me know what tool or method you prefer.

The forms of communication I don’t use for coaching are: phone/zoom calls, text messages, social media messages. 

You’re also welcome to let me know if you absorb information better in one way or another, eg you’re fine to use Voxer but prefer text over voice. Or you’re fine to hear voice messages from me but will reply in text. Or you’ll voice message me but prefer written replies. I want to work with you, not against you, so please let me know your communication preferences. 


Ready to go? Click here to purchase and book.