Payment Plan Promotion

Welcome to April! I wanted to run an offer in April… and I nearly launched this on April Fools Day, because I forgot April Fools Day was a thing. I decided to put it off for a few days, just to be safe. Long story short, I need to earn some money. I don’t like sales because my work is very 1:1, and I don’t discount/devalue my time and energy because it’s limited. Then I saw this idea elsewhere on the internet – run payment plans that you wouldn’t usually offer. Loved it. It’ll help you with cash flow and allow me to pick up extra clients. Win-win. At least on paper! Either way, I thought it was a fantastic idea and well worth trying. 


Four of my offers are included in this payment plan promotion. (I charge in Australian Dollars, rough price equivalents are on the page for each service.) You can click through to the pages for more detail, so here’s the brief summary:

Weekend Day of Voxer – a day of asynchronous coaching. Usually $500, now 5x $100 payments.

Get Started – my project plan offering. Usually $700, now 7x $100 payments.

Unlimited VIP – the month-long intensive way to work with me on nearly anything. Usually $3000, now 6x $500.

Policy to Process – the inclusion offer for small to medium businesses. Usually $6000, now 6x $1000.


Any questions? Ask away – is the best way to reach me.