Systems and Scale

Systems and Scale

Most people can appreciate the need for systems when it’s framed as something such as hiring a virtual assistant and getting organised to pass tasks to someone else to action.


Systems are so much more than outsourcing or hiring.


Systems let your business scale.


A simple example of this is a payment processor. Say you sell a single product or service, but you have no functionality to take credit cards.


Instead, you have to email each person and ask them to deposit cash into your bank account. Then you have to cross check the name and other details to make sure you give the correct product to the correct person. That all takes time. Eventually it would limit how many customers you could serve.


So what you do is get access to some neat software that automates payment, maybe by accepting credit cards.


Now you can have as many customers as the software can handle. As good as humans are, software can often do things at a much higher capacity.


This is one small and simple example. This is what systems can do for your business at all levels. And software isn’t the only solution. We can work together to improve systems in all areas of your business, allowing you to scale.


Systems and Scale

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