Lived Experience

  • Experiencing A Symptom

    Experiencing A Symptom…

    I’ve experienced {symptom} and I have been disabled by {symptom}   Are two very different things.   This is an important difference to remember when you are talking about accessibility and inclusion in the workplace. You may very well have experienced a symptom that a disabled or chronically ill employee has … but that is not the same as having been disabled by that symptom.  

  • Two Chronic Business Tips

    Two Chronic Business Tips

    There are two things that I think benefit a large majority of neurodivergent and chronic illness business owners.   One is knowing what you need to do next, so that when you have that small window of good energy, you can log on and spend your time not making decisions, but taking actions.   The second one is to know what spoons your tasks use up. That way if you can’t go by task priority, you can go by spoons. This has the benefit of you still getting to tick something off the list and feeling the warm and fuzzies about getting something done.   Going by spoons is also…